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Socks rubbing

socks rubbing

You probably know that blisters are caused by continuous rubbing on the skin. But let's think a little deeper. What's doing the rubbing, and why? Typically blisters occur when a grippy, wet sock pulls against the skin repeatedly for an extended period of time. The sock is probably wet from sweat or water, and it becomes loose. 12 Apr Wondering which anti-blister socks work best to prevent blisters? Curious about why blisters form in the first place? We're about to break it all down for you. Blisters form between layers of the skin when it has been damaged by friction or rubbing and are more likely to occur in warmer conditions on moist. 4 Jun My Shoes/VFF/Feet stink. First, if your feet themselves stink when you're done running, I see no need for any sprays. Just go shower yourself you dirty bum. Shoes however are not so easily cleansed. After 5 runs, a clean pair of VFF smell like an open sewer. If you're wearing sneakers with socks, it may a bit.

Socks rubbing -

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