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Nuru spread

Nuru spread his hands and followed John into the church as a cawing black squall clattered up from the roof. The emphasis was on the John. Who had he expected to see? Some new priest? He knew, after all, that John had been called back unexpectedly by the Fatoo Bishop. He probably knew about Laurie, too. Dim light. Zuberi looked up at Nuru and smiled. “I will teach you in the morning.” After he finished fletching the last spear, he spread his bedroll on the ground by the fire. Nuru spread hers next to him and then the two of them went to find more wood. Kibwe and Imani sat next to each other and continued to roast the fowl. “Why do you. (44) a. kabe ni penki o nuru wall on paint ACC smear 'smear paint on the wall' b. kabe o penki de nuru wall ACC paint with smear 'smear the wall with paint' (45) a. pan ni bataa o nuru bread on butter ACC smear 'spread butter on the bread' b.? pan o bataa de nuru bread ACC butter with smear 'spread the bread with butter'.


Thus despite the fact that a representative instance of the locative alternation can be constructed by using nuru ("smear") as seen so far, a slight change in the bataa-o nuru bread on butter acc smear 'spread butter on the bread' b.?pan-o bataa-de nuru bread acc butter with smear 'spread i8o Locative alternation: A. TNT is a charitable based in Arusha, Tanzania that provides care, education and shelter for orphaned and marginalized children. Add the nuru powder to water while stirring; Spread the powder into the HOT water. Let sit for 15mins before stirring a second time let sit for another 15 mins.. Ideally for the best results 1 hours before you perform the massage is the best but if you are in a hurry do as you wish. Do not just drop the powder in the water it will .

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