Personal Pronoun

Personal Pronoun → Kata ganti orang atau benda, yang menempati posisi subject dan object.

Subject Object
1st Person Singular I Me  
1st Person Plural We Us  
2nd Person Singular & Plural   You You  
3rd Person Plural They Them  
3rd Person Singular She Her  
3rd Person Singular He His  
3rd Person Singular It It  

Pronoun Subject: kata ganti yang menjadi subyek (pokok kalimat).


  • “Where is Simon?” He is in the kitchen.
  • She didn’t go out last night. She stayed at home.

Pronoun Object: Kata ganti yang menjadi obyek.

  • Object of transitive verb
    John likes them.
    My sister hate you.
    Can you lend me some money?
  • Object of preposition
    The students are waiting for us.
    Look at them!
    I’ll be back with her.


Dalam personal pronoun, selain yang sudah disebutkan di atas, kata ‘one juga bisa digunakan sebagai personal pronoun. Akan tetapi kata ‘onebisa dijelaskan oleh modifier, sedangkan personal pronoun yang lainnya tidak bisa.

One should always give oneself a plenty of time to pack.
My new flat is much bigger  than my old one (= my old flat).

Posisi  dan fungsi ‘one’ sebagai personal pronoun di dalam kalimat
  1. Subject of verb
    → One shoul always be polite.
  2. Object of Transitive Verb
    → I’m looking for a tie.
    → I want one with stripes.
  3. Object of Preposition
    → He talks to one like a teacher.
  4. Complement of Subject
    → That’s the one.
Posisi  dan fungsi ‘one’ sebagai personal pronoun di Noun Phrase
  1. Head
    → A blue one.
    → I’m looking for a tie. I want a blue one.
  2. Modifier
    → One’s family
    → One’s family can be difficult.