Quotating Marks (Tanda Kutip) Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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  • Post published:November 10, 2019
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Quotating marks (tanda kutip) digunakan ketika mengutip kalimat langsung dari seseorang. Quotating marks biasa digunakan dalam direct speech (kalimat langsung). Direct speech, yang juga disebut dengan quotated speech, dikatakan persis bagaimana seseorang mengatakan kalimatya, kemudian kalimat tersebut ditulis dengan tanda kutip.

Eka said to me, “I will go to your house tomorrow.”
Yanto asked Boby, “What are you doing here?”
“ I love you” She said.
“surprise!” He shouted.
Bela asked, “ Can you ride a bike?”
“I am playing  foot ball.” Dony said.
Rona asked me, “Do you like candy?”