Short Expression : The Other Ways to Say Congratulations, You’re welcome, Conclusion, etc

Good morning everybody? How’s life? Kali ini kita akan membahas cara lain untuk mengatakan “Congratulations, You’re welcome, Conclusion,I like it, I Understand, I’m Ready and etc”. Daripada kelamaan mari langsung kita simak yuk sampai habis!

  • Congratulations                     :
  1. Well done.
  2. Good for you.
  3. You did it!
  4. That’s the way!
  5. Good job!
  • You’re Welcome                    :
  1. My pleasure!
  2. Don’t mention it!
  3. Glad to help!
  4. Anytime!
  5. No worries.
  • I like it                                     :
  1. I’m fond of it.
  2. I fancy it.
  3. I’m keen on it.
  4. I’m passionate about it!
  5. I adore it.
  • I Understand                               :
  1. I see.
  2. I take your point.
  3. I got you.
  4. I noticed.
  5. I know what you mean.
  • I’m Ready!                              :
  1. I’m prepared.
  2. I’m through.
  3. All set!
  4. I’m done!
  5. I’m ready Freddy!
  • Conclusion                             :
  1. In summary.
  2. Overall, it may be said..
  3. To conclude.
  4. On the whole.
  5. All things considered.
  • According to                          :
  1. As reported by.
  2. Conforming to.
  3. In line with.
  4. Mentioned by.
  5. In agreement with.
  • I miss you                               :
  1. I can’t stop thinking about you.
  2. I can’t wait to see you again.
  3. I wish you were here.
  4. I feel sad without you.
  5. I hope I see you again soon.

Nah, itulah adalah beberapa contoh cara lain untuk bilang “I miss you, congratulations, I like it, I’m Ready, Conclusion and etc”. Demikian materi kali ini jangan lupa baca article lainnya di website ini. Good bye!

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